Offerings to Mother Earth
Tuesday, April 22 2014

Marisa Cranfill

The personification of Mother Earth in Thailand is Mae Thorani. She is represented as a beautiful woman with water flowing down her long hair. Mae means mother in Thai, and Thorani comes from the Sanskrit word dharani meaning earth. Mae Thorani is the earth mother who embodies our planet as well as the magnetic energy gates that connect us to the cosmos. She is depicted as a woman with water flowing down her hair that comes from her role in the B

A Happy Songkran story
Saturday, April 12 2014

Marisa Cranfill

The month of April is a special time. It is a time when we celebrate Earth Month and it is also the month of Songkran, the Thai New Year celebration. Thai New Year starts when the full moon swells at the apex of the constellation Aries. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac in eastern astrology and supports the energy flow of new beginnings and breaking out of old habits. In the West it is springtime, but in Thailand it is the peak of the dry hot

Dresses for a Tree Nymph
Thursday, April 10 2014

Marisa Cranfill

Whether on a hike in one of Thailand’s national forests or just walking down a street of Bangkok, don’t be surprised if you run into a tree nymph. Recently while hiking in the pristine and protected forest of the Erawan Falls National Park I came across a gigantic tree covered in sparkling dresses. My first question was not why Thai people would hike two hours to hang dresses on a tree, but why did they chose this tree? This tree must

Where not to put a spirit house #1
Monday, March 31 2014

There are some well known rules about the do's and don'ts of spirit house etiquette when it comes to placement. Rule #1 Do not put a spirit house near a toilet, or a toilet near a spirit house To my suprise, I found one. This typical squat toilet outhouse was probably built after the spirit house was already there because I can not imagine a priest choosing such a location. The location of a spirit house is chosen by a shaman-brahmin priest who

Zen Garden Spirit House
Monday, March 24 2014

Spirit house hunting is kind of like looking for the perfect stone in a river. None of them are alike, and all of them have their own characteristics worn by the elements of nature. But once in a while one in particular beckons us to come hither and bend our knee. This happened to me on a recent trip to Chiang Mai- there it was with a soft sunlight shining down on it- the Zen Thai spirit house.  Set in a graphic garden in front of a boutiqu

When Spiritual Relics Outlive their Usefulness: A Story of Elephant Ivory and Animism
Monday, March 17 2014

By Walker Young

Thailand has thrived as a popular travel destination in part due to the wealth of choice and opportunity for visitors to explore. From white sand beaches to ancient temples, there is something to pique everyone’s fancy. This is particularly true for cultural heritage and sites of historical significance. Outside of Bangkok, there are numerous ancient cities – such as Sukothai and Pitsanulok – that harken back to the age of kings

Man Power for a Tree Nymph
Monday, March 10 2014

Can't find the solution to an old problem? Need a little inspiration for your next class or collection? Writer's block? Trying to get pregnant? Maybe you should try some light-hearted fun with a tree goddess (sanuk in Thai). For me, one of the largest nature goddess shrines in Thailand at Nai Lert Park is definitely sanuk. What is so powerful about the space is not only the tree nymph named Jao Mae Tubtim that lives in a giant banyan tree,

Temporary Spirit House at a Construction Sight
Tuesday, March 4 2014

What is so great about spirit house hunting is that you never know what you’re going to find. Hiding inside the make shift entrance of this construction zone, I came across this astute and simple spirit house. Made of corrugated sheet metal and stuck on top of a wood stick, this style of spirit house is called san piang da meaning “eye level abode” because of its height. The san piang da are temporary dwellings for the land guar

Thailand’s spiritual landmarks
Saturday, March 1 2014

As this is my first blog post for Spirit House Connection, I am starting off with a classic shot. We took this picture at a farm house on a long country road in central Thailand because, like an ‘X marks the spot’, the Thai flag caught my attention. And here we begin! Thailand is known to be the land of a million Buddhist temples, and it is true that every village revolves around their local wat. Yet inside the daily life of the avera

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