Temporary Spirit House at a Construction Sight
Tuesday, March 4 2014

What is so great about spirit house hunting is that you never know what you’re going to find. Hiding inside the make shift entrance of this construction zone, I came across this astute and simple spirit house. Made of corrugated sheet metal and stuck on top of a wood stick, this style of spirit house is called san piang da meaning “eye level abode” because of its height. The san piang da are temporary dwellings for the land guardians on a property while it is in the process of construction. Once the building is completed a formal spirit house with a ceremony will be installed in the proper location. The location of the final spirit house is so important that it is often pre-planned before the building is made. Until then the land guardians wait at the san piang da so that they are not disturbed by the noise and strange employees walking around. Each morning the construction workers will greet the land guardians at the san piang da and believe that by doing so they will avoid accidents and maintain harmony. How’s that for an eye high concept?



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