Welcome to the Spirit House Connection, a website and travel video blog dedicated to share the positive power of Thailand’s spirit house tradition with the world. Here you will find information and stories about the history, myths, rituals, sacred sites, monks, shamans, priests, and mediums that contribute to Thailand’s spiritual treasures. In addition to recording Thai beliefs, my purpose is to give you the opportunity to connect to the land guardians at your own home, in a way that you can adapt the practices to your personal intentions, cultural expression, spiritual maps, art and architecture. We specialize in hand-crafted spirit houses and installation rituals. Our team will work closely with you to find the style spirit house to best enhance your property.

The 12 years of academic and field research presented here invites you to step into an extraordinary relationship with nature. Contributing photographer Frank Fuller and I travelled around Thailand as “spirit house detectives” roaming the forests, villages, and cities tracking down and hunting the most awesome landscapes to capture spirit houses on film and in action. The results are hundreds of images of spirit houses from Isaarn to Phuket in contemporary and enlivening ways. We found that like the stories of the people they protect, each spirit house has its own personality that charmed us into a fun and playful mood the Thai people call “sanuk”. I hope that the information here inspires the same light heart and creativity within you to manifest your dreams. After all, the spirit of a spirit house is to protect and assist us in our lives and in return all we have to give is gratitude for life, for love and to this planet we call home.


Marisa Spirit House Connection
Sawadeeka, my name is Marisa and I am passionate about spirit houses, health, energy arts, supernatural adventures and Thai culture. Welcome to my website! Here you will find everything you want to know about the Thai Spirit house tradition and ways to connect to the land guardians, wherever you are. If interested in having your own spirit house ceremony, I would love to hear from you!
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