Thank you for your interest in Spirit House Connection.
In order to facilitate the creative process of successfully installing your spirit house please read the following terms and conditions.

SHC Packages include travel by Marisa and her assistants within 200 miles of Los Angeles. Any travel outside 100 miles will be compensated by the client.

Our custom made spirit houses are outsourced by talented artisans that work closely with Spirit House Con- nection.

Custom made spirit house renderings can begin once the consultation forms have been fully completed by the client. Custom made spirit houses will begin construction once the final renderings, materials, and budget is approved with the signature of the client. A completion date for custom designed spirit houses will vary de- pending on the intricacy of the design. An estimate date will be given upon approval of design and deposit.

A 60% deposit is needed before construction of a custom spirit house can begin to ensure commitment and purchase of the materials.
We do not take responsibility for accidents and broken spirit houses after the initiation ceremony. Spirit house repair and maintenance is not included in packages.

Spirit houses cannot be returned once purchased.

Extreme cases of negative energies may require additional clearings that are not included in packages. Spirit House Connection reserves the right to turn down ceremonial installation on land that does not seem fit to have a spirit house. In the case of extremely negative energies where there has been severe trauma or have many negative spirits we may recommend another type of expert that deals with those issues. Marisa Cranfill Young is not an exorcist and does claim to remove ghosts, demons, or any other kind of evil spirits from land.


Marisa Spirit House Connection
Sawadeeka, my name is Marisa and I am passionate about spirit houses, health, energy arts, supernatural adventures and Thai culture. Welcome to my website! Here you will find everything you want to know about the Thai Spirit house tradition and ways to connect to the land guardians, wherever you are. If interested in having your own spirit house ceremony, I would love to hear from you!
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