Rules of Placement #2
Thursday, May 8 2014

Marisa Cranfill

The vertical buildings of Bangkok’s metropolis often pose a supernatural dilemma for Thai people. Here two spirit houses have been placed on the second floor balcony of a restaurant at a popular intersection in Bangkok. Although it appears to be a charming choice, the person behind this spiritual landscaping has ignored an important rule of spirit house placement.  Rule #2: Always place the spirit house for the land guardians on the e

Where not to put a spirit house #1
Monday, March 31 2014

There are some well known rules about the do's and don'ts of spirit house etiquette when it comes to placement. Rule #1 Do not put a spirit house near a toilet, or a toilet near a spirit house To my suprise, I found one. This typical squat toilet outhouse was probably built after the spirit house was already there because I can not imagine a priest choosing such a location. The location of a spirit house is chosen by a shaman-brahmin priest who

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