Zen Garden Spirit House
Monday, March 24 2014

Spirit house hunting is kind of like looking for the perfect stone in a river. None of them are alike, and all of them have their own characteristics worn by the elements of nature. But once in a while one in particular beckons us to come hither and bend our knee. This happened to me on a recent trip to Chiang Mai- there it was with a soft sunlight shining down on it- the Zen Thai spirit house.

 Set in a graphic garden in front of a boutique hotel, the landscape artist and hotel owner took a charming vintage white cement spirit house (possibly the original on the property) and set it on a block of recycled wood representing both a tree and Mt. Meru. The traditional design of a spirit house would use a matching cement pillar post, but by mixing elements the designer has intentionally created a fusion of ancient wisdom with modern lifestyle design. Stepping across the minimalistic stones to reach the spirit house, the mind becomes free of clutter, while at the same time the tall green water plants awaken the senses. Perfection!



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