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The Thai personification of Mother Earth is named Mae Thoranee. The basic way to pay respect to her is by simply pouring water on the earth- a symbolic gesture that corresponds to her role in the Buddha’s enlightenment. Mother Earth is the gatekeeper of the land guardians as well as the great purifier. During a spirit house ceremony she is the first to be honored. The food offered to Mae Thoranee is much different from what is given to other spirits- after all she is more than a spirit, she is Mother Earth! The symbolic number of offerings here are chosen by the priest as energetic correspondences to the planets based on numerology.

  •       5 bowls of sweet ruby chestnuts
  •       5 oranges (not peeled)
  •       5 betel nut
  •       1 coconut
  •       1 bundle of bananas
  •       9 white candles
  •       21 incense sticks




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