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The grandmother and grandfather spirits like ancient recipes. Here is a variety of classical Thai food offerings served in eco-friendly banana leaf cups. This assortment has many layers of symbolism within each item!

  • Fish salad (Yam pla) is known to be a very ancient Thai recipe that consists of chopped and boiled local fish tossed with chili, lime, fish sauce, and onion. This is a standard in ritual fare because of its antiquity.
  • Betel nut (mag bu) is to chew, not swallow and is taken after meals to freshen up the breath. An herbal intoxicant like tobacco, betel is a dying custom that is still chewed by the elder generation and shamanic mediators.
  • Steamed rice with a boiled egg represents the soul-spirit of the rice and the essence of creation. This combination brings abundance.
  • Sweet Egg Yok drops (Tong Yod) are a dessert made from egg yolk and sugar. The name means “abundant gold droplets” and is a symbol of prosperity.




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