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Since the astral beings do not have hands or a mouth to eat with how, you may ask, do they eat food? This question is valid from a material perspective. But in order to answer, we have to change our glasses to a pair that can see a realm beyond the material- called the astral realm. The beings of the astral realm have astral bodies made of vibration; they are conscious and emotional bodies without physical form. Some astral beings believe that they have physical form even if they don’t. They may not have a nervous system, but they still sense, feel and enjoy nourishment.  The fruits of Mother Earth are also vibrations, as well as our thoughts, intentions and emotions. This is why certain foods have the ability to “attract” positive energies and others don’t. But in the end, it is not necessarily the accuracy of the offerings as much as the intention behind them that matters. On this offering tray extra care has been made to place straws inside open glasses of water and red syrup to make it easier for the spirits to drink.




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