A Joyful Pair
Thursday, October 16 2014

Marisa Cranfill

Being a collector of spirit house imagery, I can't help but get excited when I find a beautiful composition. Here is a classic pair of spirit houses placed beside a teak wood gate painted in an ombre rainbow of earthy and delightful hues.

Each spirit house is made from a different material. The spirit house on the lower left is a saan jao thii. It is constructed from teak wood, the material used to build a traditional Thai house. This is where the land guardian spirits stay. On the right is the saan phra phoom, a splendid temple suitable for a guardian angel, perched high on a pedestal. Saan phra phoom are typically cast in cement, a modern version of the ancient stone brasaat that were brought to Thailand from India and the Khmer Empire.

If spirit houses reflect the personalities of the local they represent, this family has joyful aspirations.

What would your spirit house landscape look like?







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