In the book of ancient Thai literature called Tribhum Phraruang, Nantha is described as a garden with magical flowers and herbs situated at Heaven’s gate. Selecting the correct size, color, design and location of a spirit house can harmonize and add beautiful energy to your land, transforming it into a magical garden. This package is for those who want a spirit house, but do not know how to choose one. This package does not include a traditional spirit house installation ritual, and requires you to install the spirit house on your own.



During a private consultation the S.H.C. team will access your property and using Thai geomancy to find the direction, location, dimension, materials and colors of the spirit house best suited for your land. Package includes travel within 100 miles of Los Angeles City.


After consultation and receiving all necessary information, we will guide you on which traditional spirit house designs are best for you to choose from. Browse styles here.

*prices of spirit house will vary depending on materials and size see Terms and Conditions for more details.


These are basic accessories and figurines that go inside a spirit house.

1 Main statue
2 attendants
2 horses
2 dancers
2 elephants
Color cloth
*extra accessories available here.

Please note: This package does not include an installation ceremony. Without a formal spirit house ceremony, the spirit house is a decorative symbol of your intentions and wishes. It is your responsibility to install and take care of it properly.



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