Is it OK to buy a spirit house but not have the installation ritual?

In Thai tradition, setting up a spirit house requires the direction, location and pillar height to be in a special accordance with the land coordinates, the land owner’s birthday and body height. In addition if there is not a ritual to invoke the energy inside the statue that is placed inside a spirit house, Thai people understand that there is no energy there. In this case the spirit house is just a decoration or artistic piece of special meaning to you. We do not see anything wrong with that. In the end it is the heart-mind that is the most powerful tool of connection.

If I set up a spirit house and then move to another home somewhere else, what do I do with the spirit house?

The best way is to leave it there, so as not to disturb the energy grid that has been set up. If the house is rented out, it can be tended by the new renters with no problem. If the house is sold, a ceremony should be done to inform the spirits of this change and the new owners can accept responsibility for the land.  If the new owners do not want a spirit house, it can be taken down with a proper procedure ritual to rebalance the energy grid.

If you want to re-locate the spirit house it can be moved to your new home and another installation ritual will be done for the new land. The ritual installation process can be compared to the same process of official papers you will have to sign when selling your land. The difference is that you are dealing with the land department of the spirit world rather than the State. These sacred contracts  make the intention that by bringing a spirit house onto your land you take responsibility for what you do on the land.

Is a spirit house religious?

A spirit house is whatever you choose it to mean for you. There are no fixed rules or dogma about the spirit inside a spirit house - that is the beauty of the tradition- it is free, evolving and creative. Spirit houses can be a symbol of the spirit of your home, your property and Mother Earth. They can be a symbol of the spirit of your personal faith, beliefs and devotion. Like your own home, a spirit house is a mirror of the light within you and your relationship to honor this light, wherever you feel it comes from. Spirit House Connection is happy to help you integrate your cultural beliefs, intentions or symbols into your design and installation ritual.

How long does it take to get a custom made spirit house?

It depends on the intricacy of design and can take anywhere from 1-6 months. We do our best to make them as soon as possible and keep you informed of the progress along the way, even with photos.

What are the kinds of materials used in custom made spirit houses?

A spirit house must withstand the weather conditions and elements of nature. Wood, glass, cement, sheet metal, marble and stone make the best materials for a spirit house.

I see that there are often 2 spirit houses next to each other. Can I have two?

If you are interested in a couplet of spirit houses that represent both the land guardians and the guardian angel together we can accommodate you with a special package. Please contact us for more details.

How does the ritual work?

An auspicious date and time will be chosen for the installation ceremony lead by Marisa Cranfill Young. This usually takes place early in the morning between 7-11am. The whole family and those living or working on the land are encouraged to attend. Ritual includes food offerings, flower arrangements, incense, statues and other ceremonial tools. It is more powerful when the land lord is involved in setting up the offerings, as it gives more focused goodwill into the whole ritual process, calms the mind and opens the heart. Once the offering table has been set up, the ritual begins with digging the hole, land clearing, acknowledging mother earth, opening the gates to heaven, filling the hole with goodness,physical installation of the spirit house, insertion of the statues, final offerings, and closing statements. Ritual packages include a set menu of food, flowers and of- ferings that follow the traditional rules of the Thai spirit house tradition. It is possible to add your own offerings that have personal family history or meaning to you. This can be discussed during the consultation period. For more information watch the installation slideshow here.

What do we do with the food afterwards?

All food that is still fresh and edible may be eaten after the ceremony.

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