Private spirit house rituals are a great way to cultivate your own family traditions with the land. In Thailand it is custom to make special offerings and small ceremonies on significant life changing moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or memorials of people who live on the land or are closely associated to it. Often they are accompanied by a party afterwards, which makes a unique and fun way to integrate spirit into the joyful celebrations of life. If interested, please contact us for more information.



If you are interested in any of the following workshops and do not see it on the calendar, please send us a message.


Spirit House Workshop: Proper Care and Feeding of a Spirit House

This workshop will teach you all the basic activities involved in taking care of a spirit house including: connecting to heaven and earth, tuning into the land guardians, paying respect, making intentions, basic offerings (food, water, incense, flowers and candles) and understanding the lunar calendar cycles.

Qigong Workshop: Connecting to Trees with Qigong

Humans have a reciprocal relationship with trees; our inhale is their exhale, their inhale is our exhale. Thais believe that each tree is as unique as a human being and has it's own soul or intelligence that can communicate and connect to us if we listen. Trees can help guide to make decisions for our highest purpose and assist us in healing, but sometimes they also need a little help too. In this workshop Marisa will guide you through a series of meditations and qigong exercises to connect to the trees. Please wear comfortable clothing, walking shoes and be prepared to hike.

 Qigong Workshop: Connecting to Heaven and Earth through Qigong

Marisa will lead you through a series of breath and movement meditations to ground and raise your energy field. Learn to connect to your own internal energy (called pran in Thai) and open the field to nature around you through simple and powerful qigong movements. Workshop includes theory and physical application. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and be prepared to use your whole body. All positions can be modified for different physical levels.

Yoga Workshop: Connecting to the Naga Energy

Thai’s believe they are protected by a great naga dragon that lives in the water elements. This energy is transformative and compassionate. In this workshop we will work with the breath, water element, postures and visualizations to connect to the great energy of the naga. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and be prepared to use your whole body. All positions can be modified for different physical levels.

Mantra Workshop: Thai Mantras, Prayers and Chants to the Land Guardians

Using the vibration of voice to connect the heart and mind to the space around us is a well-known aspect of ritual. In this special workshop you have the opportunity to learn basic mantras, prayers and chants to the land guardians. Note that this class involves chanting in Pali, Sanskrit and Thai with English translations. Although these chants come from Hindu and Buddhist traditions, this course is open to everyone willing to participate.

Spirit House workshop: Malai- Flower Offerings to the Angels

Flowers are the full expression of creation, and also a reminder of life’s impermanence. Learn how to make elegant flower offerings using the traditional Thai method of stringing. Fresh flowers used include jasmine, roses, osmanthus and marigolds.

Spirit House Workshop: Traditional Thai Recipes for the Land Guardians

In this hands-on culinary workshop we will explore the traditional food of the spirit world. Learn how to make:

Perfect steamed jasmine rice

Fish salad (Yam pla) is known to be a very ancient Thai recipe that consists of chopped and boiled local fish tossed with chili, lime, fish sauce, and onion. (vegetarian option available)

Candied banana stewed in coconut cream (Gluay Buad Chee กล้วยบวชชี)

Thai Layered coconut candy uses sugar, coconut milk, and flour mixed and set in cookie pan to harden into a jelly is a very popular Thai dessert. (Khanom Chun ขนมชั้น )

Golden Droplets made with egg yolk, sugar, and flower water are boiled in sugar syrup and formed into round balls. (Tong Yord ทองหยอด )

Sweet Black Sticky Rice with shredded coconut on top is used to make offerings to Rahu the lunar eclipse. (Khao Neow Dam ข้าวเหนียวดำ )




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