Happy Chinese New Year
Sunday, February 7 2016

Marisa Cranfill

Happy Fire Monkey Year 2016! This is a great year to tap into the creative passion of the fire monkey for all kinds of expressive endeavors and innovation. Make sure to use extra awareness when making decisions this year as the energy of fire and metal can bring about a clouded view. Don't take on too many projects, it's better to focus on one and do it well or that fire could burn out.

To balance the fire and metal elements is easy, just nourish the earth element; take walks in nature and absorb the energy from the trees, the stars, and sunlight. The quickest way to nourish earth element is simply to pay respect to the earth and fill your whole body, mind and spirit with gratitude to be alive.

In Thailand the most popular Chinese land guardian is named Di Zhu Ya. This photo of the land guardian shrine to Di Zhu Ya is in our Thai silk garment factory in Bangkok. On Chinese New Year the Chinese land guardian shrine (inside) and the spirit house (outside) are both filled with fruits, flowers and auspiscious offerings.



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