All Wrapped Up
Friday, December 12 2014

Marisa Cranfill

You could say a well-kept spirit house is always ready for the holidays, especially when it is wrapped up in a colorful bundle of bows and ribbons. These gauzy ribbons called paa saarm sii (meaning 3-colored cloth in Thai) can be found wrapped around any object in Thailand that is considered to have innate power, especially trees and pillars. The ritual of tying ribbons transforms an otherwise worldly object into a sacred one and is a physical act that embodies concentration, kindness and strength. The sashing is done at the end of a ceremony; a finishing touch to hold in all the goodness.

This holiday season, as you tie bows around your gifts of love to your family and friends, send some energy into each knot; the ritual act of sashing is an invocation of spirit.



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