Painter, designer, mathematician, qigong practitioner and international explorer of the sacred, Sasha’s work reflects a beautiful fusion of analytical clarity, intuition and spirituality. Known for her paintings of sacred geometry patterns found in nature, Sasha brings a contemporary artist’s expression of our connection to the Cosmos to Spirit House Connection. A Russian native, Sasha graduated from St. Petersburg State University, Mathematics and painting at the Hermitage School of St. Petersburg, known for its deep and analytical approaches to the study of Old Master paintings. Her education took on new dimensions in Asia, where she studied the traditional forms of art from local artists, and taught painting and composition combined with meditation and energy arts. In her creative career, Sasha has participated in more than 25 exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. In 2013, Sasha launched a collection of sacred geometry paintings and products called Yantra & Vine available at Spirit House Connection




Frank Fuller is the primary photographer of Spirit House Connection and brings sixteen years of feature film and television experience and an accomplished list of credits to this project. Since 1986, Frank has worked in post-production on numerous Hollywood television and films. Frank’s creative talents have earned him six Emmy nominations, seven Golden Reel nominations and a 1991 Emmy for best achievement in sound on Law & Order while working with Universal Pictures. While living in Thailand for 6 years, Frank and Marisa lead a team that travelled as “spirit house detectives” roaming the forests, villages, and cities tracking down the most awesome landscapes to capture spirit houses on camera. The results are hundreds of images of spirit houses from Isaarn to Phuket in contemporary and enlivening ways.


Operating at the nexus of environment, technology, economy and culture, Walker Young is a management specialist committed to scaling positive societal impact through corporate responsibility, sustainability and global development. He has worked with Fortune 500 global corporations and international nonprofits in eighteen countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. An engineer by design, he is always looking for opportunities to improve systems in novel ways. Mr. Young received his M.A. in Environment, Development and Sustainability from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and his B.Sc. and B.A. degrees in Management Systems Engineering and Economics from Columbia University in New York. His work and efforts have focused predominantly on using corporate social responsibility (CSR), public-private partnerships and other multi-stakeholder approaches to achieve meaningful solutions to complex and cross-cutting resource and development challenges. After marrying Marisa Cranfill Young and living in Bangkok, Walker was intimately exposed to the Thai spirit house tradition. He brings a unique and grounded environmental perspective to an ancient animistic tradition.

Marisa Spirit House Connection
Sawadeeka, my name is Marisa and I am passionate about spirit houses, health, energy arts, supernatural adventures and Thai culture. Welcome to my website! Here you will find everything you want to know about the Thai Spirit house tradition and ways to connect to the land guardians, wherever you are. If interested in having your own spirit house ceremony, I would love to hear from you!
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